Welcome to the RUOnlineCon 2024 Sponsor Toolkit, a guide to help answer any questions you may have about your sponsor benefits and next steps before the live event on March 11th.

The Hopin platform provides us with the opportunity to showcase our sponsors virtually in the conference expo hall and reception area throughout the event. On the day of the conference, sponsor teams will be able to navigate between their expo booth, the reception area, and attend all live sessions and networking activities. We hope this provides you and your team with a variety of opportunities to engage with other attendees throughout the event!

The following section indicates sponsor benefits based by tier and is provided for quick reference. If you have any additional questions related to sponsorship packages, please contact: sponsors-ruonlinecon@docs.rutgers.edu.

RUOnlineCon 2024
Sponsorship Packages

Silver Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Platinum Sponsor
Dedicated page on the 2024 Conference Website (includes your logo, link to website, brief description & optional brief promotional video*) Yes Yes Yes
Inclusion in event marketing materials N/A Yes Yes
Number of complimentary expo booth moderator registrations for your team 2 3 5
Discount for additional tickets beyond complimentary 5% 10% 15%
Event Day      
Hyperlinked Sponsor logo in Virtual Reception Hall ** N/A yes Yes
Expo Booth (includes live chat sessions, ability to add integrations, pre-recorded video; see Sponsor Kit for additional information) Yes Yes Yes
Expo Booth sizing/prioritization Small / Low Medium Large / High
Live concurrent session with faculty member*** N/A N/A Yes
Pre-recorded promo video to run during breaks Yes Yes Yes
Digital Dialogue Panel **** N/A Yes Yes
Virtual networking/chat/private messaging Yes Yes Yes
Access to event recordings and transcripts Yes Yes Yes
Post-event conference website branding Yes Yes Yes
Registrant/attendee report (opt-in) N/A N/A Yes
Expo Booth Interactions Report available N/A Yes Yes
Expo Booth Engagement Report available N/A Yes Yes
  • Sponsor logo for Conference Website - At least one side is 500px or greater.
    Company DescriptionDisplay up to 400 characters(not 400 words) on the sponsors' page. Description over 400 characters will be trimmed with a read-more link to the individual sponsor's page with full details.
    Promotional Videos: YouTube link or video with embedded code
  • Sponsor logos for Reception Hall — Top tier for Platinum, Secondary tier for Gold
    Types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .gif image files
    Recommended: 1000x400px Minimum: 500x200px
  • As a Platinum sponsor, you will be afforded the opportunity to collaborate with an instructor to develop a breakout session showcasing your product’s classroom application. We can facilitate the pairing with an instructor, either from Rutgers or elsewhere. Alternatively, should you already have a specific faculty partner in mind, you may initiate the collaborative effort with them. Your workshop will be included as a concurrent breakout session alongside other core RUOnlineCon workshops.
  • As a Gold and Platinum sponsor, you will have the exclusive chance to shape the discourse on critical issues in online education. In these 50-minute “Digital Dialogues” sessions, you'll facilitate an interactive discussion with attendees around a key online learning challenge. With the support of our conference team and a skilled moderator, you will have the freedom to select a focus area for the discussion, and guide attendees in exploring potential solutions. Whether it's addressing low engagement in group work or finding effective strategies to encourage students to read course materials, you will have the opportunity to highlight how you might partner with instructors to help support meaningful student learning.

Required Supplemental Sponsor Information

After you have purchased sponsorship, you will receive an email with a link to our supplemental sponsor form. This form will allow us to collect your primary marketing materials that will be displayed on both on the Rutgers conference site and the event platform. We are requesting the following information:

  • Company/Product website link
  • Company/Product image upload
  • Company/Product promotional video link or embed code

* Please be sure to complete all supplemental sponsor information no later than January 15th 2024.

Attendee Breakdown

1,000+ educators from Rutgers and beyond registered for the 2023 conference, including:

  • Faculty and instructors
  • Departmental, pedagogical and technology support coordinators
  • Department and program chairs
  • Online program administrators

In 2024, our goal is to exceed last year’s record. We are once again offering free registration for all Rutgers staff. We are also offering heavily discounted pricing for other institutions, including a cost-effective “all-institution pass.”

Registration is coming soon! Contact sponsors-ruonlinecon@docs.rutgers.edu for sponsorship information and additional details on package options”