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Barnes & Noble College: more than just a bookstore. A trusted and valued partner to Rutgers University, transcending the role of the traditional campus bookstore by delivering an unmatched retail and digital education experience.




Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2009.  We provide commercial support and premium hosting for the BigBlueButton community.  BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to provide remote students a high-quality, online learning experience.  Blindside Networks supports native integrations for Moodle, Sakai, Canvas, Schoology, Jenzabar and WordPress. BigBlueButton is certified as LTI 1.0 compatible by IMS Global. 


Canvas is an easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place. It integrates seamlessly with hundreds of apps, empowering teachers and students with countless tools to make teaching and learning easier and more fun.



Cidi Labs was started in partnership with Utah State University to enable "SaaS-sharing" of locally-developed instructional design tools and innovations. Our flagship product, Design Tools for Canvas, is the leading advanced course authoring toolset to natively integrate with the Canvas LMS. New products for course readiness tracking (ReadyGO), file and page cleanup (TidyUP) or accessibility checking (UDOIT Cloud) were added to the Cidi Labs toolbox for instructional designers in 2019. With more than 115 higher education and K-12 organizations as customers, institutions of all sizes are improving the instructional design and learning process with Cidi Labs tools. Request a sandbox and learn more about Cidi Labs at



Proctortrack by Verificient is an academic integrity platform for personalized learning.   We offer the world’s most advanced AI-based automated proctoring solution using continuous identity verification to deliver both quality and price leadership.   Our approach to proctoring means:

  • One solution for multiple proctoring environments (automated, manual, blended)
  • Affordable, accessible proctoring for all high- and low-stakes exams
  • Proctoring that enables personalized learning for each student, rather than just Big Brother policing

We pride ourselves on an industry leader student and faculty experience and integrate seamlessly with all major LMSs and browsers.

We are pleased to work with Rutgers University for the past 5 years.



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My SSP: Student Support Program fosters student success through the use of technology, providing 24/7 culturally and linguistically-relevant support to students experiencing challenges including mental health issues, acculturation, stress, anxiety and homesickness. Students are able to access clinical support via text, chat, phone, and video. My SSP focuses on integrating with campus services and resources, extending your institution’s mental health support to meet students wherever they are.



ReadSpeaker is a global voice specialist providing dozens of languages and lifelike voices. Using its own industry-leading technology, ReadSpeaker delivers some of the most natural-sounding synthesized voices on the market, using next-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology to structurally improve voice quality at all levels. ReadSpeaker gives a voice to businesses and organizations for online, embedded, server or desktop needs, apps, speech production, custom voices and more. With more than 20 years’ experience, the ReadSpeaker team of experts is leading the way in text to speech. ReadSpeaker is “Pioneering Voice Technology”.



PlayPosit's multi-directional, interactive video platform provides online learners an easy way to digest content while affording instructors a transparent view of that “digestion.” In turn, institutions better support their students and evaluate their own instruction’s success. PlayPosit institutional partners, like Rutgers, receive high quality instructional design support, LMS integration for a seamless workflow, private content host integration, and more.


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LabArchives is a cloud-based software application (Software-as-a-Service) which replaces the traditional paper notebooks used in professional research labs and higher education laboratory courses. The LabArchives ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) solution is used by more than 300,000 scientists and professors, to store, organize, share, and publish their laboratory data. The LabArchives Classroom Edition has been used in 5,700 lab courses by 320,000 students. More than 375 of the world's leading research institutions trust LabArchives for research data management, collection, and research compliance. 


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Akindi is a scantron alternative that provides insightful test analytics in seconds using any printer and scanner. Akindi eliminates the manual work involved in editing answer keys, resolving student IDs, synching grades to canvas gradebook. Rutgers University has an institutional license available for all departments and instructors.



Gradescope is the leading feedback and assessment platform used by 12,000+ instructors at over 600 universities to dramatically reduce the pain and time associated with grading their exams and homework while providing better and faster feedback to their students. Gradescope is used to grade paper-based assignments, code projects, and online assignments. Gradescope helps increase grading consistency and provides insight into student learning.

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