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Which track and format should I select?

This year we have three tracks that are representative of our theme:


Tales of the fast track: Transition to teaching online with creative and efficient approaches that move face-to-face learning online.


Process, problems and practice: Reflection on lessons learned to implement best practice solutions for moving courses online.


Advancing innovation: Integration of new tools, application of analytics, development of new assessment methods and creative strategies.

After selecting a track, you will need to decide what format you would like your presentation to take. There are four options: 

  • Ignite – Presenters have 10-minutes to go over a topic, with no interaction with the audience. This is good for those that may want to share a tip, tool, or experience. “Quick sit and learn” 
  • Presentation – Similar to an Ignite session but with more time. Presenters have 25 minutes; approximately 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes Q&A. “Sit and learn” 
  • Workshops – These sessions should be interactive either through some activity or active engagement with the audience. There are two options for workshops: either 25 minutes or 50 minutes. “Interactive” 
Virtual Event | March 15-16, 2021