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March 12, 2018
The Integration of Social Networking with Online Learning: A Case Study, and Looking to the Future
Room 168

This workshop will provide an overview of the conception, method, and results from a social networking integration pilot initiative conducted at Rutgers University Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Counseling Professions during the Spring 2016 semester. Seven students were recruited to participate in the pilot, which had them performing various online learning tasks on Facebook instead of in the traditional Learning Management System. The tasks focused on finding articles related to emerging trends and topics in the field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, analyzing them, and engaging in discussions about them. Student feedback and future application of social networking integration into online classes will also be discussed.

Speaker Bio(s): 

Derek Malenczak, MS, CPRP, is a faculty member at Rutgers University. He presently work in the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Counseling Professions as an undergraduate instructor, teaching both in the classroom as well as online. Research interests include online accessibility for people with disabilities and the integration of social networking with online learning. Prior to his academic career, he spent 13 years helping people with mental illness who were discharged from long-term psychiatric hospitalizations, teaching them skills so they might recover and become better integrated into their communities. In his spare time, Derek hosts the College Student Success Podcast, which is a podcast about setting goals for college students with mental health issues.

Amy Spagnolo, PhD, CPRP, is the current Program Director for the Masters of Science program in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Track and has served as the Project Director for the Office of Mental Health Academy of Peer Services (APS) for the past three years. In her role as Project Director, she has supervised the Instructional Design team and Technical Support Team responsible for the development, design and delivery of over 30 courses currently offered through the Academy. Amy is expert in leadership curriculum and on-line learning strategies including education technologies and learning management systems. As Program Director for the Maters degree as Rutgers, she oversees the delivery of the 36 credit exclusively online program, the only one of its type in the world. She currently teaches courses in the undergraduate Associates and Bachelors of Science degree programs in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, the Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling program and the Master of Science in Psychiatric Rehabilitation program. She has been actively involved in the development and facilitation of curriculum for traditional classroom based courses as well as on-line education within the department and has helped to transition the MS in PsyR and MS in Rehabilitation Counseling to web based curriculum. She has been involved in a University wide initiative to explore the use of Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) as the primary platform for online course delivery, which was ultimately chosen as the Rutgers School of Health Professions LMS. As chair of this University committee, the eLearning Faculty Users Group, she led the exploration of the LMS in an effort to help the University transition to an open-source system. Amy has also co-lead the committee of 50 faculty members, across the eight schools within the University, in a side by side evaluation of Moodle and another open source LMS. This process involved training faculty on the use of Moodle, collecting evaluation data throughout the exploration process and compiling a formal report of Moodle’s functionality in relation to the University’s needs. Additionally, she served as the chair of SHRP’s Taskforce on ADA Compliance and Accessibility for Students with Disabilities in order to ensure equal access to all students in the online education environment. Amy also has extensive experience in training and technical assistance. Amy assisted in the design and delivery of the first Peer Wellness Coaching curriculum offered in our state and continues to serve as the lead trainer for this program in NJ and around the country. Amy has also co-authored many articles and worked on a curriculum development project for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Behavioral Health Care Task Force. She served as the primary developer of the SAMHSA Recovery Curriculum Project.

Fae Cushing, A.S., is a Rutgers student currently completing her BSHS with a concentration in Psych Rehab. Fae is a member of the Matthew Leydt Society, and a recipient of the Certificate of Academic Excellence through Rutgers University. As she was diagnosed at age 21 with Severe Mental Illness, Fae has worked her way through recovery to achieve marked success in many aspects of her life. A mental health advocate, she sits as a board member of the Consumer Advisory Council on Education and Training (CACET). Fae currently works with homeless people as a Case Manager at Alternatives, Inc., based in Somerset County.

Derek Malenczak, Amy Spagnolo, Fae Cushing
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Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Counseling Professions
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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RUOnlineCon 2018
12 March 2018
200 Atrium Drive

Somerset, NJ 08873

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