Rutgers Online Learning Conference: March 12, 2018

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2018 Agenda

2018 Agenda At-A-Glance

We have a full day program that will have a general structure below. The single session tracks have between 4-6 workshops from which to choose. Please check up continuously as we update and add content to this page!

Monday - March 12, 2018

8:00am - 8:50am - Registration and Breakfast - Ballroom

8:50am - 9:00am - Pre-Conference - How to Collaborate using the RUOnlineCon App

9:00am - 9:15am - Conference Opening by Dr. Antonius Bittmann and Dr. Richard Novak

9:15am - 10:15am - Keynote Speaker - Jim Fong

10:30am - 11:15am - Concurrent Sessions/Workshops Session A

11:30am - 12:15pm - Concurrent Sessions/Workshops Session B

12:15pm - 12:40pm - Lunch and Visit the Exhibitors

12:40pm - 12:45pm - Introduction of Keynote

12:45pm - 1:45pm - Keynote Speaker - Lolita Paff

2:00pm - 2:45pm - Concurrent Sessions/Workshops Session C

2:45pm - 3:05pm - Visit Sponsors and Coffee Break

3:15pm - 4:00pm - Concurrent Sessions/Workshops Session D

4:15pm - 5:00pm - Concurrent Sessions/Workshops Session E

5:00pm - 6:00pm - Game Winners and Prize Announcements with a Light Reception

Session A
03-12-2018 | Room 158
Asynchronous online classes have enabled students to learn at a time and place of their convenience.  They have also enabled academic institutions to connect with more students than ever before.  Unfortunately, online students and instructors rarely meet face-to-face; this can make the online experience inherently isolating. This session will present the results of a successful doctoral dissertation study in which a video feedback strategy was used to connect instructors with their online... read more
John Obenchain
03-12-2018 | Ballroom
With expanding offerings of online programs, administrators must consider the level of support available to the increasing number of instructors working remotely. These online instructors may feel isolated and would benefit from collaboration with other instructors and administrators. Concordia University Nebraska (CUNE) encourages collaboration and support among online instructors in the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Education through online Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs). FLCs... read more
Anna Boriak and Linley Snyder-Rivas
03-12-2018 | Room 162
Through the creative use of technology, instructors can increase engagement, immerse learners in real problems, and show them the consequences of their choices in a safe manner. These methods ultimately increase retention. During this session, presenters will use samples of technology based simulations to demonstrate best practices for using video and interactive technologies in traditional and virtual classrooms. Participants will receive practical advice on selecting software and hardware and... read more
Chinazaekpere Okonkwo & Lauren Davis
03-12-2018 | Room 154
This presentation will focus on the use of design-based research and the design thinking framework to illustrate the importance of including learner needs and feedback in an iterative design process. An identified pain point for a learner is the motivation to get started and persist especially when learning gets difficult. This session will look at several case studies that address persistence issues in a digital learning environment, showcasing the design thinking process in action. Attendees... read more
Kinta Montilus and Tiantian Jin
03-12-2018 | Room 166
How can degree and non-degree programs better accommodate the needs of non-traditional, working students? Whether they return to school for training or to pursue an advanced degree, or combine employment with undergraduate education, these students are a growing part of the “traditional” landscape of higher education. Often older and self-directed, they seek meaningful educational opportunities to advance their career goals.   Adult-centered, experiential learning, interpersonal connection and... read more
Ericka Deglau and Amy Strickler
03-12-2018 | Room 160
In our experience as instructional designers, the most fearful question we get asked is "where do I even start?" In this session, we will take a candid and practical approach to setting yourself and your students up for success when beginning to put together a brand new online course. We'll address pitfalls, common challenges, and best practices of creating new courses or re-envisioning a previously-taught course.
Mary Labrada & Kyle Whitmus
03-12-2018 | Room 168
Learn how to engage your students to improve classroom engagement through using their own devices.  Turning Technologies interactive tools create engaging experiences, enhance learning and provide real-time analytics to students and faculty through any of our polling environments such as PowerPoint, Anywhere or Web.   
Marv Meneeley
Session B
03-12-2018 | Room 168
How do institutions know that the person receiving credit for an online course is the person actually completing the coursework and passing the assessment? Verifying the identity of students, while preserving the academic integrity and brand of an organization’s reputational standing - is no longer an option but becoming a requirement. What’s the acceptable balance between a student’s experience vs. an organization’s right to safe guard their online programs, while also complying to federal... read more
Rahul Siddharth
03-12-2018 | Room 160
Are you thinking about creating your first online course or improving your current online course?  Are you assigned to teach a new online course and not sure how to get started and where to look for help?  Are you a school administer who is interested in using TLT’s Instructional Designer service to help your faculty improve online course quality and maximize online student’s engagement?  Then this workshop is perfect for you!  This session will present real scenarios on how an online... read more
Hyun Kim, Marie Li, and Justin Smith
03-12-2018 | Room 154
An introduction to Morneau Shepell, the world’s leading provider of global counseling services with a presence in over 170 countries and 200+ languages of support. The session will examine the unique challenges distance education students face, as well as, how emotional and psychological distress symptoms are surfacing. I will provide an overview of our Student Support Program (SSP), which has been specifically designed to address the growing demands of mental health care on college campuses... read more
Irina Capaldi
03-12-2018 | Room 158
Creating course content for the online learning environment is a challenge, especially when trying to provide students with the same learning experiences as those within the face-to-face (f2f) classroom. A Division of Library and Information Science (DLIS) faculty member and a New Media and Communications Specialist from the Department of Online Learning and Services took this challenge head on and looked for ways they could create similar learning experiences for their online and f2f students... read more
Christine Angel and Gina Robinson
03-12-2018 | Room 166
With this presentation we would like to present technology resources and digital collaboration tools that we have implemented in the creation on language Italian courses to enhance student’s proficiency and collaboration. We have applied several active learning strategies to promote a student-centered learning environment where students get the chance to engage with course materials and their peers on a deeper level. They get to share what they learn; they have a chance to confront their... read more
Carmela Scala & Jennifer Obando
03-12-2018 | Room 162
This panel showcases “VoiceThread Bootcamp,” a collaborative faculty development effort. The tool enables faculty to create engaging lectures, set up group work assignments, and allows students to create their own multimedia presentations. Used in various instruction modes -- from f2f to hybrid to fully online -- VoiceThread helps to extend discussions beyond classroom walls and to give each student a voice in them. For example, VoiceThread has been successfully used as an asynchronous,... read more
Olena Zhadko & Antonia Levy
Session C
03-12-2018 | Room 162
Memorable multimedia content for instruction is far easier to produce that you think. In this session, participants will learn how to “play” in Powtoon—a multimedia tool available to the Rutgers community—to create lively animated course content. From collaborating to create the initial video concept to production and rollout, the presenter will share concrete tools and resources to help both instructors and students use Powtoon to its full potential. Sample Powtoons created for programs at... read more
Tiffany Riccardelli
03-12-2018 | Room 168
The modern teacher is being pulled in an infinite number of directions. Preparing curriculum and assignments, grading papers, and administering exams are all fundamental and time-consuming parts of an educator’s role. In addition, teachers need to know how to effectively use the digital tools and technology in their classrooms in order to support student learning and achievement. However, the ever-growing list of demands of these educators may diminish the time they have to learn about and... read more
Robert Trent and Gabi Singh
03-12-2018 | Ballroom
We all know that accessibility is the law, what does accessibility in an online environment mean?  What does inaccessibility look like?  During this presentation, the importance of designing course materials with accessibility in mind will be discussed and concrete examples of WHY online accessibility is important will be given.  Participants will be leave the presentation with a variety of resources that can be used to assist with the process of making a variety of course elements accessible
Cindy Poore-Pariseau
03-12-2018 | Room 166
Having offered online education for more than 20 years, Rutgers is taking some important steps towards centralizing support services for online teachers and learners university-wide. But the path from the experimental spirit of the early online pioneers to a more structured and centrally administered framework has been neither linear nor easy. In fact, several different developments have been converging to bring us to this place, much like pieces of a large mosaic coming together. These include... read more
Antonius Bittmann
03-12-2018 | Room 160
The discussion element of an online course, in theory, is the “classroom” where much of the instructor-student and student-student interaction takes place. To a large degree it is intended to approximate the on-campus class experience. As most online instructors know, the online discussions, if designed appropriately, can far exceed the interactions in the campus classroom. “Discussions in online courses “are a rich source of learning, enjoyment, and an integral part of the course” [1].... read more
Richard Dool
03-12-2018 | Room 154
Today’s student spends 70% of their screen time in front of a mobile device. The demand for all things digital to be delivered in a mobile friendly format has never been higher. Come learn about the advances in learning platforms that meet students where they are and how we are maintaining accessibility compliance throughout the transformation. Wiley is bridging the higher education gap by delivering content solutions in new and innovative ways to enrich the learning experience. We are a proven... read more
Francesca Baratta, Josh Gier and Jason Whitehead
03-12-2018 | Room 158
Moving from one home to another can take a village, with logistical planning and various stakeholders needed to execute a smooth transition and successful acclimation to your new space. The same can be said for moving from one learning management system to another, which entails pre-planning, strategic execution of a calculated migration and training strategy, and post-migration support for users acclimating to the change. Join Instructional Designers Joe Yankus (Teaching & Learning with... read more
Joe Yankus and Natalie O'Neil
Session D
03-12-2018 | Room 160
Fake news is not a new concept. It has been around for years, but the latest election cycle has popularized this term at a time when social media has become the dominant source of news for our students. Just because our students are comfortable navigating the online world doesn't mean they have the skills necessary to evaluate information and discern news that is not credible or trustworthy. Teaching information literacy to our students is central to the mission of librarians. Let us share some... read more
Jill Nathanson and Mei Ling Lo
03-12-2018 | Room 166
This workshop will focus on how online asynchronous programs can respond to the challenge of engaging students in the classroom and program at large. Participants will examine case examples of how one asynchronous program has considered engagement across the program, looking at both faculty and student involvement, such as through the use of classroom discussion boards, group work, feedback to students, social media, synchronous events, and faculty training. The workshop will discuss best... read more
Rachel Schwartz & Lindsay Gunther
03-12-2018 | Room 168
Classroom discussion is an essential part of the academic experience. Students engage with one another, share new concepts and ideas, and teachers facilitate and encourage students with outside materials.  Too many online discussions fall short of the on-campus experience because online discussion tools fail to keep up with the expectations of today's students.   In this session, you’ll learn about Harmonize.  Harmonize is a next-generation, LTI-compliant discussion tool that enhances student... read more
Kevin Leonard
03-12-2018 | Room 158
In this presentation I will describe my experience with developing a specialization based on five MOOC courses on Supply Chain Management. The presentation will cover the whole development process from initial justification, to development process, execution, launch and ongoing maintenance. Further, the outcomes of the specialization will be reviewed and next steps will be described.
Rudy Leuschner
03-12-2018 | Room 162
Oral Presentation and its corresponding formative feedback is traditionally seen as a face-to-face (synchronous) activity. This breakout session is a demonstration and discussion of a hybrid (part-asynchronous) model that is used by medical educators, but can be adapted for any field that is mandated to teach and assess the core competency of oral presentation skills. This approach allows learners multiple opportunities to develop early habits of deliberate practice in communication skills and... read more
Sophia Chen & Karen Harris
03-12-2018 | Room 154
Join us for 45 minutes of Transformative Uses of Canvas for Enhancing Digital Learning! An Engagement Consultant from Instructure will be joining us giving insight on the new things Canvas has to offer in transforming teaching and learning. See how Canvas can enhance your personalized learning initiatives and data-driven instruction that drive 21st Century digital learning to new levels. 
Leslie Stark
03-12-2018 | Ballroom
In this session, you will learn about the Open and Affordable Textboook project, including ways to get involved. The presenters will discuss the pedagogy of open education and best practices for incorporating open educational materials in the classroom.
Lily Todorinova & Zara Wilkinson
Session E
03-12-2018 | Room 168
Blindside Networks started the BigBlueButton project in 2009.  We provide commercial support and premium hosting for the BigBlueButton community.  BigBlueButton enables universities and colleges to provide remote students a high-quality, online learning experience.  Blindside Networks supports native integrations for Moodle, Sakai, Canvas, Schoology, Jenzabar and WordPress. BigBlueButton is certified as LTI 1.0 compatible by IMS Global. 
Jesus Federico
03-12-2018 | Room 166
This presentation will focus on nurse faculty's strategies that can be used to enhance student engagement through supporting the students' caring, compassion, and authentic presencing capacity. Considering Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring, we know that self-care is a key skill that nurses need to have in place in order to prevent burnout and create caring-healing environments for patients, however many educators fail to support this in meaningful ways in the online environment. This... read more
Carey Clark
03-12-2018 | Room 162
Creating conference and classroom games to help encourage collaboration and generate interactions between people, workshops, and vendors can be achieved using Mobile Games. At the 2018 RUOnline Conference we ran our in house game and now we can share the experience and post mortem questions to help others use this technology effectively in their own conferences.
Rick Anderson, Warren D. Nevins, Christopher Valera
03-12-2018 | Room 160
As teachers, we are used to hearing the term "teaching persona." But what kind of teaching persona exists online? In this talk, I will discuss my use of unedited YouTube videos as a mean of developing a unique persona in a visibly human and charismatic way so as to better engage students as I teach online Business and Technical Writing courses at Rutgers University.
Peter Sorrell
03-12-2018 | Ballroom
Creating an effective online music course with a limited budget and staff presents unique challenges. Motivated by a desire to include elements of constructivism in a media-rich environment, Music Fundamentals was designed to introduce students to music notation while also demonstrating real world application of basic musical elements and characteristics. Using free resources like YouTube videos and the notation software Finale PrintMusic, this course aims to make elemental concepts more... read more
Janelle Bitter
03-12-2018 | Room 154
The credibility of an institution is defined by the quality and integrity of its students and the quality and integrity of its academic programs. Protecting the value of hard-earned degrees depends on proctoring. Since anyone can sit in a room and be present for an exam, how can an institution properly vet proctoring solutions? 
Wesley Darby
03-12-2018 | Room 158
In collaboration with pre-service counseling students, findings from a research study delineated how experiences in an online course focused on multicultural counseling impacted their cultural competence. Using frameworks of ADDIE, VAK, and the Association of Multicultural Counseling Development’s Multicultural Counseling Competencies, factors that contribute to culturally responsive instructional design and the development of synchronous and synchronous assignments and assessments were... read more
Shelia Witherspoon

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